Sunday, August 9, 2015

Younger Secrets Cameron Diaz: Frequent Sex

Despite the age of 37 years, actress Cameron Diaz still looks young. No wonder if he appeared in the cover of the British edition of Vogue magazine. So what is the secret of youth Diaz?
"The secret of youth ... I think exercise, healthy diet, lots of drinking, lots of laughs, and frequent sex. Yes sex are our needs as human beings. It's healthy. That's normal," said Diaz.
However, Diaz said he did not bother to stay young. "I do not want to look like a 25-year-old again," said Diaz.
Therefore, Cameron Diaz plastic surgery. "Yes, I do not do that right now. But you'll see. So far, I'm fine. But I would never say no to anything."
When mentioned about his love story with rugby player Alex Rodriguez, Diaz declined to comment. "You know? Yeah I fell in love. I fell in love with my life."
Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery recently participated in shooting the movie Bad Teacher. In the film, Diaz performed with her former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beauty Jennifer Lopez Results of Plastic Surgery?

Beauty owned by a celebrity has become a very important factor to continue a career in the world of entertainment, in addition to his talent. It also makes every celebrity willing to do anything to retain its charm to stay fit wherever he is. In fact, some of them were willing to make some changes to make herself look more beautiful, like plastic surgery. It is common knowledge that some of the famous celebrities who come from the international entertainment industry, has made some changes to some parts of the face by means of plastic surgery to beautify himself. It is also reportedly been committed by one famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez. Beautiful celebrities coming from the world of entertainment Hollywood, reportedly has been doing some plastic surgery.
The actress who is also a singer reportedly had undergone plastic surgery several parts of his body to continue to maintain her beauty before the public. It was revealed after the recent one plastic surgeon named Ayham Al-Ayoubi revealed the shocking news. In fact, doctors are very confident that he can prove that the celebrity is fairly senior enough in the international entertainment industry, has had plastic surgery. Suddenly what was expressed by the expert physician of the plastic surgery, became a very shocking news.
In response, Jennifer was flatly denied what was revealed by the doctor. In fact, with a little bit emotional, he asserted that all the doctor says is not true. For him, what was revealed by doctors who are not responsible for such a reaction from someone who does not like the course of his career in the entertainment world. In fact, the diva, also swear that all parts of his body was never dealt with plastic surgery. Not only that, a celebrity who is familiarly called J.Lo is boldly challenging the doctor to prove that he has had Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Rumor

Lee Min Ho is essentially the most famous actors in the industry of Korea, past treatment of cosmetic surgery to improve her apparently. where Lee Min Hoo plastic surgery procedures performed in which an important one successful operation in u. s. South Korea. because South Korea may also have probably the best option patients undergoing plastic surgery to strengthen their emerging, the most important women of the USA have been more willing to change their faces surgically.

The lee min ho in appeal before his picture taken with a brand new one, we can expose that modifications were taken after surgery for lip and nose. it is certainly considered that nostril Lee Min ho plastic surgery where performed successfully with rhinoplasty. This operation has made a nose shape change, by making the nostrils sharper than ever.
Do you thing he received a very good nose?

I was so neat resolution. Lee Min Ho appears to be more beautiful and handsome after surgery because of his nose.

Surgery 2 he took was to his lips. He has a lip sticking out at the beginning, which has been changed after the surgical procedure lips. Now he no longer has a protruding lip. This mixture lip and nose surgery has made a new avatar Lee Min-ho. South Korean women are no longer handiest around the world fans of lee min ho has extra impressed with his new look.
Lee Min-ho cosmetic surgery is a rumor that said his friend

every individual who knows Lee Min - ho very neat said, "This picture has been around the web for some time because before so do not have a goal to grow into the subject as it is now. could no longer like every body that comes from health facilities had to get surgery plastic surgery cosmetics. he went to the hospital with some friends and take pictures at the request of the doctor '. does anyone know this picture will change one giant deal. I was involved he may well be the destruction of all this ".

whether it is a rumor or not lee min ho liked by all of us for his career as an actor on the film industry.
South Korea is really one of the largest cosmetic surgery patients in Asia. In line with the study of all individuals, especially the girls want to change their appearance using cosmetic surgery. By comparing the photos in a brand new as well as yesterday, we will find that changes in the lips and nose.

Nose Lee Min Ho appears to have successfully completed the nose job. Nose appear sharper than ever. He had a big nose, is not it? Today, as we can see, delicate nose makes it trendy and more attractive. The 2nd process lips. He used to have a protruding lip before cosmetic surgery.

When he chose to fix the lips, lips that stood out was no more. He got lips and accepted for meetings. Mix rhinoplasty and lip surgery has created him to be extra Lee Min ho. Many people, especially women amazed appearance now. We think no. For those they respect appears much attractive than it used to. And the woman would not think about his actions to the operating table.

Monday, January 19, 2015

conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers

Does not look to have aged much which has caused fans and celebrity bloggers to question whether or not she has had celebrity cosmetic surgery.  When actors and actresses reach their middle age, it is perfectly normal for fans to start asking these types of questions
But, have you known about Jang Geun Suk Plastic Surgery? there is judging about her face. Indeed there is not reports which have indicated that Cheri Oteri has admitted to having plastic surgery. nevertheless, she has not denied the rumors either.Oteri has neither confirmed or denied any such plastic surgery. Because it has become common occurrence but many celebrities are still guarded about disclosing such information. It is like the last big taboo that everyone who does it having bad story. 

About her face, there are differences which prompted people to question some facial features that look a lot different now than say five or ten years ago.It is alleged that she has had a facelift without surgery, an eyelift, a blepharophasty, conservative rhinoplasty, a chin implant, botox and facial fillers. A rhinoplasty seems possible  for her because in her “before” pictures, she had a more rounded nasal tip and now her nose is a little thinner. If, she indeed have a nose job it was in fact a subtle procedure. The chin implant is also possible, because her face before was more rounded and now her chin is much more pronounced. 

Other botox, she is also rumored having fillers, or even laser treatment are the culprit because she does not have any wrinkles to speak of and that would account for the extreme shine of her face in recent photographs. If a celebrity plastic surgery were a crime, Cher would spend the rest of her life in a prison. Her face does not have tightness whereas she has got old age. Some plastic surgery procedure makes her younger. Cher's is well known for being an icon of youth and also for what plastic surgery can do for your image, she openly admits Jang Geun Suk Nose Job "the plastic surgery poster girl".  But the star denies she has few original parts left on her frame as some people have said and rumors saying that she had cheek implants and a rib removed simply aren't true.  

Looking these pictures we don't see a considerable difference on her cheeks, it is more a difference in make up. She said: "I've had my cheekbones since I was small. And it is impossible to have a rib removed! When I heard that said of me I thought it particularly silly but I will have to defend myself for the rest of my life against it." She said thata rhinoplasty (nose job) is  the first surgery for her. Her regardness about plastic surgery shows that she indeed had it to make her appearance better.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Actress Butt Plastic Surgery Procedure

Katherine Drachenberg is often called Kat Von D. As famous actress,  she also gets the biggest rumor that she had plastic surgery on her nose and eyebrow. It is done to get her brows lifted and her nose sculpted. The picture suggest that her brows were pulled up near the corners of her eyes. It also looks at her nose which was whittled down to make it more aquiline.
            She is often judged having plastic surgery because it can be looked not only at her brow and nose, but also at her lips and chin. Kat has a very tight brow. How ever, in some photos, she has much brow which is tighter. It makes the people think that she has botox njection and k michelle butt implants. At her nose, she had rhinoplasty. So it appears slimmer. Her lips also change. It is shaped the sexy creases. The last, her chin seems thinner. It is likely having s chin implant. In addition, in a news media is stated that After having either a brow lift, or major Botox treatments (or both!), Kat Von D is looking more like a middle-aged housewife, than the 20-something hipster tattoo chick that she actually is.
            surgeon agrees she would be a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery and k michelle before after. But, Kat Von D hasn’t confirmed that plastic surgery as being true. What the pictures suggest is that her brows were pulled up near the corners of her eyes, and that her nose was whittled down to make it more aquiline. It can be belived that she changed the shape of her brows through careful makeup, plucking and shaving. Because there are many changes of her performace. Speculation can be done by everyone, but the truth will be known soon after there are many facts and regardness.